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​Q: What is CBD?

       A. CBD (Cannabidiol) is a chemical compound(s) which comes from the hemp plant and interacts with the body’s central regulatory system. This system is known to manage  bodily processes such as appetite, mood and sleep.  CBD has also been known to help manage anxiety, pain, seizures and much more. Check out this video for more details:  

Q: Difference between industrial hemp and marijuana?

        A: Industrial hemp is rich in non-psychoactive phytocannabinoids. Marijuana is just the opposite; its top cannabinoid is THC which causes a “high.” Strains of industrial hemp are grown legally in dozens of countries worldwide and some US states. Industrial hemp is sold in all US states.


Q: Will it make me or my pet high?

       A: No it will not make an animal or human high


Q: Is CBD legal?

       A: Yes. Industrial hemp (THC levels below 0.3%) is legal in all 50 states.  All of our products contain .3% THC levels or less.

Q: Are THC free hemp products considered full spectrum?

       A: No, they are considered broad spectrum. The process that removes the THC also removes some of the cannabinoids. If you are worried about passing a drug test, this might be a great option.  Some of the pet products are labeled THC free, but say full spectrum. Technically, they are broad spectrum, but they call themselves full spectrum.  Though it's confusing, please know they are broad spectrum pet products. 

Q: Will I fail a drug test?

       A: You should not have an issue with failing a drug test.  For a detailed explanation, please click for more details:

Q: Where are your hemp products manufactured and grown?

      A. All of the products we sell are organically produced and manufactured in the USA unless otherwise noted. Our Naysa line of products is organically grown, pharmaceutical grad, non-GMO, third party tested, gluten free, all natural, Industrial Hemp Registered, US Farm Bill Compliant, pesticide free, with no metals and no harsh chemicals.

Q: Was/Is there third party testing? Is there a copy of the Certificate of Analysis (COA)?

      A: Yes and Yes

Q: How is the hemp extracted?

      A: Hemp oil can get extracted in multiple ways, but not all have the same outcome. The highest standard of extraction is the CO2 method. This is where hemp is put under high pressure and low temperatures. This process eliminates the need for using harsh chemicals. It's a complex method, but is the cleanest and safest method of extraction and produces a pure CBD product.


Q: How much CBD should I take? 

     A: This is a difficult question to answer because people find differences in what works best for them. We suggest you start low and ease your way up to larger servings if desired until you find the daily CBD levels that work best. Please note that different CBD products have different potency levels. 

There is no known risk of taking too much CBD, but it's not cheap so you probably don't want to take more than you really need.


Dosage Calculator

Note:They do have included a calculator for a more accurate dosage.

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