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Our CBD Life Journey

The path to finding inspiration to share the things we are learning

My wife and I started Love Life With CBD after struggling for years to find the right CBD products to help with my wife's pain management, our combined insomnia, and our dog's mobility issues caused by extreme joint pain.

Throughout our CBD journey, we tried several not-so-advisable methods to get CBD without THC. We thought CBD could be the answer we were looking for, but it was hard to tell; the products we so inconsistent. We were ordering vape cartridges, oils, and other methods only to have mixed results. Sometimes a product would work well only to find out you could not reorder it was out of stock or could not be found. Vaping was messy, expensive, and more of a lifestyle change than we wanted. As much as we wanted to enjoy the possible benefits of CBD that we had heard and read about, the challenge of locating a consistent supply of high-quality CBD products was next to impossible.

Nonetheless, we kept trying. Then we thought to do an end-run on retail and go straight to the source. Find a supplier that made wholesale CBD products for others. Best decision we have ever made! The goal was to find high-quality products that were consistently available and we struck CBD gold.

Our search led us to one of America's top-rated wholesale suppliers of hemp-derived CBD products. Finally, we were able to realize the benefits and joy of quality and consistent CBD products. Naysa products are made with premium grade organically grown hemp from only USA farms. Hemp that is Non-GMO, free of pesticides and metals, and third-party tested to be THC Free! We learned that the Feds have a strict rule on what THC-free means - Non-Detectable THC (ppm) with a total delta-9-THC concentration that does not exceed 0.3% on a dry-weight basis; ok, enough of that…


Once we connected and tried some of the Naysa Brand CBD pet drops for our dog against three other brands, I must say the results were astounding. While I admit I was skeptical at first, due to the unsatisfying results we had experienced before that, with the amazing response our 100 lb Cane Corso Bella had, I knew we had found the right company. Our once almost immobile 8-year-old 98 lb. puppy :0) was walking and even running around again!! She is still enjoying life today at nearly 13 years old! Naysa CBD products worked better than anything else we had tried.


We knew we needed to share our CBD find and keep the High-Quality Full Spectrum CBD market from being taken over by low-quality CBD in-name-only products. We wanted to help people skip over the inconsistent low-grade CBD products we had tried, products that were not third-party verified, and had questionable concentrations of THC.  Love Life With CBD was born, and like raising a child, bringing up a healthy retail CBD company, setting up a website, and marketing it, has come with a big learning curve, but we are getting there.

We wanted to share our experience with others and give them easy access to products that could improve their quality of life and those human or fuzzy ones they love. Naysa and Love Life With CBD are about everyone's right to trust the company they buy CBD products from and to live life to the fullest. Our products include CBD/CBG tincture drops, sleep aids with CBN, skincare and hair products, Pet Drops, and a full range of high-quality personal care products.

Let us share the miracle of Naysa CBD products and start you on a journey to Love Life With CBD.

David and Lara

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